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Use Fonbell’s restaurant management software, drive thirsty patrons to your restaurants and create a long-lasting impression on them with pleasing hospitality services.

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The fonbell’s restaurant management software is a helping hand for all those people who are engaged in hotel and restaurant business activities. With our software, they can increase the efficiency of restaurant operations and give customers the ultimate delight & pleasure when they visit their restaurants. This software is suitable for all types of restaurants, such as fine dining restaurants, bars, cafes, fast food chains, bistros, dining restaurants, canteens, etc. This software helps you to streamline all activities of the restaurant business and increase the profit margins remarkably. It helps you to easily manage different types of orders you receive from customers, such as Dine In, Take Away, Kiosk, Delivery, Room Service, etc.

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Important Features

Manage All Your restaurants from one Place

Our software is of great use for you if you have a restaurant with multiple outlets in the city. Always remember that you have to perform different tasks to run restaurants successfully, such as billing, accounting, taking orders from customers. With this software, you can have a centralized control over all the connected branches of your restaurant and control menu items, rates, customers, etc, easily and quickly.

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Hassle-free Inventory And Stock Management

The Fonbells Restaurant POS Software offers a smart inventory and stock management system, which allows you to know the exact status of the stock in your restaurants. So, you can perform real-time tracking of inventory levels and ingredients to boost cost-effectiveness and reduce the wastage of useful food items stored in the stock. .

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Instant Billing Operations

Our software supports several methods of payments. So, you can easily get payments from customers in exchange for your hospitality services. The software automatically sends instant notifications about each and every happening registered on the system. So, it improves your restaurant services and makes customers come again and again at your doorstep whenever they intend to dine out.

Appointment Management

Online Ordering

This feature helps both restaurant owners and customers. Needy people can easily place orders online for their favorite food items. It helps restaurant owners to prepare those food materials on time and ensure its timely delivery at the specified address.

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Customer Relationship Management
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