Responsive web design

Today’s internet users are not limited to desktop computers and laptops. Out of 100, 57 people use the global internet on different mobile devices and rest 43 on their personal/public PCs and laptops. So, it is important for all websites to load properly on all devices. The way to ensure the website’s responsiveness to all devices is Responsive Web Design.

In simple words, with responsive web design, web designers and developers make websites responsive to all mobile devices so that people can easily view their desired websites on different mobile devices (apart from desktop computers and laptops). It provides several benefits to website owners:

  • Increased visibility on search engines,
  • Increased user experienced,
  • A sharp decline in website’s bounce rate,
  • Uniform browsing experience on all devices,
  • Easy acquisition of more traffic and business opportunities and
  • Increased customer retention rate.

If you need a brand new responsive website or want to turn the existing site into a responsive one, just use Fonbell’s responsive web design services. We create responsive websites or web pages that can easily fit into any screen size and device and provide an optimal view of websites you are browsing. While designing your website, we keep important things in mind, such as clear readability, smooth navigation, easily identifiable Call to Action Buttons, elimination of horizontal scrolling, etc. All these make your website look vivid on mobile devices and they love to deal with your brand regularly.

Why should you choose our responsive web design services?

We are one of the best website design and development companies in Singapore, recognized for creating high-performing responsive websites for all types of industries. When you use our services, you see a sharp boom in your web-based business in a few days. See some of the main reasons why you must get started with us:

  • Qualified Designers,
  • Systematic Approach,
  • The use of Latest Technologies in the creation of responsive websites,
  • Transparent work procedure and
  • Affordable pricing structures.

Our Commitment

As a leading website design and development company in Singapore, we promise to give the best value to all our clients and customers for the investment they make on the creation of responsive websites. So, we promise you to give responsive websites with

  • Smooth navigation path,
  • Minimal scrolling,
  • W3c Credibility,
  • Proper Testing,
  • Appropriate Call To Action Buttons,
  • Attractive website layout, etc.

So, avail our responsive web design services and be ahead of your competitors in terms of website ranking & traffic, sales, revenues, etc, !

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