Emerging Web Technologies You Must Be Aware Of

The world is now dynamic. There was this time when the digital realm was static and monotonous. With the shift of time, the field is transforming from static to digital. People now don’t look for information on the web, they practically living in that. You don’t know it yet, but we all live in a digital fortress designed to suffice all of our needs.In this dynamic web, new technologies are emerging every year. In this post, we will address the best emerging web technologies that changed the layout of the modern website. Without further ado, let’s get you started.

Web Components

Web components are the W3C standardized new style of elements for HTML5. With these components, you can comfortably make dynamic features such as image sliders, tabbed widgets, and drop-down menus. There was this time when people restrict themselves from using web components till 2016, but after that, they are voraciously used in web development projects. They are the most versatile emerging web technology you must be aware of.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Mobile usage has drastically increased from 20-30% to over 50% in the past two years which made Google’s AMP project more relevant than ever. They started this project to make the mobile experience direct and super fast. They even successfully invoke it. In 2018, Google announced that mobile page load time will be an official ranking factor for Google rankings. With this in mind, AMP will play an essential role in the coming months which will decide the visibility of businesses over Google.


You must have heard about the leading PHP framework Angularjs. It is a framework embraced by Google. Back in 2107, Google officially adopted TypeScript as its official scripting language for the implementation of angularjs. If you are looking for a next stage javascript, then TypeScript is the one you should study. It is very manageable to work with ES6-style syntax without choosing any other compilers. It will change the way javascript used to be.

Ionic Framework

Languages are being developed by developers to create mobile apps. Every mobile developer understands the need for a native app with web technology. That is where ionic framework comes into play. It is an open source framework that is used to develop native mobile apps with web tech for both platforms iOS & Android. The real result is same as the Swift/Java mobile app, and the complication is way too less.


When you started being familiar with the web components a library like Polymer can help you get started. Google initiate this project too. Another Google spear in the battle of the web. If you are working with the web components API, it will make your development easy as plum. Modularization is the ultimate goal of Polymer. That is the reason it is worth mentioning.

Final Verdict

So, how do you like the list? I hope that will help you in understanding the realm of web technologies. Some other honourable mentions for emerging web technologies are Blockchain and Open AI Ecosystem.