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Fonbell solution is a Singapore based IT company with specialization in website design and development, mobile app development and digital marketing services. With the help of the latest technologies, in-house web designers/developers, SEO professionals, webmasters, etc, the company offers a wide range of online business solutions such as website design, content management system, E-commerce solutions, search engine optimization, mobile app development, social media marketing, etc. fonbell solution always tend to work with clients and customers in a bid to ensure that websites reflect the main messages of entrepreneurs and help them get ample business opportunities every day.

Our Commitment

As a leading website development and design company, we are strongly committed to provide all-inclusive online business solutions to our clients, scattered in all geographical locations. Our dedicated website designers and developers study the individual needs of all clients and create professional, visually appealing and personalized websites so that they can easily achieve the ultimate goals of their businesses.

We create all types of websites as per client’s requirements. We continuously communicate with our clients to be effective and interactive in our business deals. We are always available at your service. Contact us anytime with genuine concerns related to our web design and development services. We will respond quickly as soon as possible and solve your problem in the best possible manner.

Since 2014, we have created high-performing websites and apps for different industries and help them grow their business volumes by leaps and bounds.

Our Motto

We act as a long term business partner for all entrepreneurs who want to take their businesses to the next level and make more opportunities. So, apart from providing all-inclusive offshore web design and development solution to all needy clients/customers, we offer different CRM software solution to them. Our important CRM software solution are-

  • Salon Management Software.
  • Survey & Feedback App.
  • Appointment Management Software.
  • Restaurant Management software.
  • Invoice Management software.
  • Student Management Software.
  • Gym Management Software.
  • Queue Management software

You can use them to automate different activities of your business, cut the operational cost, boost your productivity and profit margins up to a great extent.






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Sales Manager

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Technical Head

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Frontend Developer

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Backend Developer

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