5 Fastest Frontend Web Dev Frameworks

The web is maturing quickly and the use of complicated web application is increasing. With so many people using the web technologies, it is a herculean task to satisfy each and every web user. If your web developer is apt in the knowledge of development frameworks, then the task of easing users will be plum.

Here in this post, we will give you a list of 5 fastest frontend web development frameworks that will help you in catering faster UX for your websites and web applications.Without further ado, let’s get you started then.


It is a Google product. They introduced it to the world and since then, the developer community is very active with this framework. In the first phase of Angular, it was preferred by over 30% of developers while 10% were learning it to use. The maths changed when they (The Google wizards) introduced an advanced version of Angular with the name Angular 2.

There are speculations that there will be a new release in 2018 which will be Angular 4 (Instead of Angular 3). It is one of the fastest framework used voraciously by the developer’s community.


Facebook is a heavyweight on the social media platforms which created its footmarks deep. They introduced a framework that is the React.JS. This library is extensively used to create a user interface for web applications. The main purpose of the framework is to create a large application where the data may need to re-purposed on daily basis.

Also, there will be a React Fibre to be introduced in future which is already giving goosebumps to the developers. Presently it is the most preferred library used by over 50% of the developers while 43% of developers are planning to use it in the nearing future.


Cake.PHP is an open source web development framework of PHP. Since its inception, it is very popular in the web developers community. It is lightning fast and very organized. The detailed documentation and guide will also help you in understanding to invoke the codes. As a developer, you can easily create a web application with this framework which will be very fast as well. You can even reuse the codes which make this framework fast to use.


The main idea of Node.js is to use non-blocking and event-driven I / O so that they remain lightweight and efficient against real-time applications with a large amount of data running on distributed devices. In simple words, Node.JS is used for specific reasons to fill particular needs.

Pure CSS

The entire framework of Pure CSS is in a modular style. You can customise custom menu, buttons, forms, and table designs. Pure does support page components so all those little extras can add up.